Friday, 9 October 2009

Happy Birthday

Usually I do not use my Blog for personal messages, but seen the reason, I will do an exception for that one.

We have almost the same age, just a couple of years divide us, but we come from the same generation.

We are children of the seventies. Those wonderful years in which it seemed still possible to change the world with a few dimes and many dreams.

We both come from difficult years, the energetic crisis of the seventies has become the financial crack of the 21th century.

We did not know each other then and our initial confidence has become friendship only recently.

that said we are too similar, too much one of a kind to not see that little time together does not mean much.

So I take two minutes to tell to my friend what I do like of him and, as true friend do, even what I dislike of him, frankly and sincerely, the way friend should.

I like you because I can count on you, you're strong, trustworthy, have few pretentions and you always find a way to meet my requests, even if I'm totally broke.

I like your semplicity and your ability to be ready in minutes when I need you.

I love your patience in accepting roles that are not really cut for you.

And I'm happy to know that if I needed you for something completely crazy you would give it a least a try, just to show you never give up.

And as much I hat your legendary laziness, the fact that I have always to drag you up the stairs and your piggy habits to make a stall of every room you enter , I admit that when the work is over a beer and a laugh with you pay up for How tired I am.

We started a path together my friend and it has just begun.

For your first thirty years, happy birthday Billy.

We'll do great things together :)