Wednesday, 28 April 2010

One year

I live since long ago in rarefied periods of time and I realize that it is never the same.

I'm almost two years in my house it has been about five years since I moved to Belgium and I'm one with her since a year, but it's so untrue.

In reality I've been exiled from centuries, just months that I have a home and seems like a couple of hour ago that she entered my chat room for the first time that morning in April.

Being apart is not easy and we have really little time just for us. As such our first year sums up to few, precious weeks together.

We learned to go along with it, enjoying at the best those precious moments stolen from our everyday life.

Thus it was important to me that our first anniversary was special and with the help of Karim and Raphael, my flemish coworkers, I started planning a Weekend in Antwerp since February

The town has everything to please, its monuments, museums, its rich and full past. But it was not enough, I wanted more.

Karim, having been a student in that town, directed me to the floating hotel "Diamond princess" ( a old line ship converted in hotel) and to the "Docks" one of the most famous fish restaurants in town.

Our hotel had a long list of fans on the net, but a couple of them were more than explicit in denouncing the noise that the disco club on board made and that forbid you from sleeping.

I was adamant (twice) in my request of a room that was far far away from said disco, and where did they put us? Right under it.

One fight at the reception later and me and my Lady enterd the starboard suite. Confortable and silent room with a lovely sight on the harbour.

Raphael did show me the "Lakonia", a wellness center that gives you private artificial islands for your sole enjoyment and hidden from other's sight.

Both choices were well appreciated and the restaurant of Karim, with its steampunk setting, right out from a Jules Verne book were in par with the rest of the day.

Second day has been spent raiding town, its museums, its story, its restaurants (slurp) all under a bright sun and a clear sky as rarely seen in this part of Europe ( you got to get lucky sometimes).

All beautiful, all short, too short.

One year has passed and I count the days till our next gathering, already knowing that they will be long as months as much as our days together count for minutes.

Happy anniversary Love.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


First Murphy's law: if something can go wrong and so on and so on.
Being the origin of the problem does not help the least, so I should not complain since it is me who forgot my camera at my brother's during the last visit.
And I would not even have a reason for, hadn't I sold my mobile phone before leaving and being as such unable to report next week's house modifications in any way.
Bad? Wait, it goes worse.
The HiFi system I was expecting for last week has been sent back to the production chain, since, apparently, a new European Law made it's use unsafe ( I bloddy cannot believe it).
As such the living room cannot be completed till end of the month. Joy.
Oh well, I suppose I could do something else if I ever can get hold of a camera.
Honestly... -_-"