Friday, 26 June 2009

Going South.

I waited long time for the Sun you know? And here it is brightening the streets of Matonge.

Well, happy he decided to come, but it's too late, this penguin is migrating south.

Right as I told my friends. I'm off home.

Sun, sea, cats, house cooking and house works (They follow whenever I travel it seems).

Stay sharp and see you end of July!

Happy holidays :D

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The return of the vengeance....

There are not many places in this universe that witnessed hate, swearing, rage and tensions as such as my kitchen.

Whoever remembers its creation process remembers as well that if we were talking of a child it would have been the first child that instead of being routinely slapped first thing when born it would have been directly trown in the middle of a Battle royal at the last Wrestlemania.

What can be done?

You cannot choose family, as such, I suppose, you cannot choose your kitchen as well, thus you have to live with both.

This means that we had to work YET again on the most hated portion of the house.

Dear Lord, now what?

Nothing that wasn't already planned and that asked for manual labor.

You know I'm a fervent geek, but I'm practical enough to know that nobody is ever going to invent a machine that builds kitchens without our imput.

So there I was again for the last time before holidays for a series of works that required precision and patience.

And God knows how much of the latter I already invested till now...

Kandinsky? Van Gogh?

A not enough reknown fact about my mother is that she is a first rate potter with three clearly visible characteristics.

  1. An astounding artistic taste
  2. A high level of control of the medium
  3. A huge lack of self confidence

That has for consequence that each time I place an order following sequence ensues.

  • Scepticism
  • Defeatism
  • Hate towards the customer for asking without a reasonable time frame (I asked like 8 months before ^_^)
  • Self hating because she hated the customer
  • Self despise because she basically thinks she is good for nothing (we are talking of an artist with four personal expos behind her )
  • A masterpiece is created
  • String of phone calls to insult ME because the masterpiece is not masterpiece enough
  • String of angry calls because the glazing will not be at level with said masterpiece
  • Unbelievably good glazing completes the masterpiece
  • String of depressed calls about the fact that "Yes, you say so, but I know you will not like it"
  • Shipment
  • Final satisfaction

Obviously those are months of deep passion in wich diplomacy and filial love are sustained by heavy doses of malox.

I'm kind of used to it and thus after I made my request and have endured the aforementioned sequence of events, I finally received the tiles with Klimt theme that I requested for the walls of my kitchen.

All you need with my motehr is a little bit patience, but the reward is always magnificent.

Let's go on.

Be there a Oven!

In a normal kitchen, furnitures are conceived to contain electrical households.

In MY kitchen you choose the households to fill the spaces you left while building it.

I chose a wonderful oven, but it happened to be 2 inches too long for the space under the fireplace, so I chose oven number two that was a litt less powerful but had the undeniable advantage of having the right size.

After a quick test I'm happy to report that the runner is on par if not better with the original yet dethroned winner :)

What's that hole?

Well to be honest I knew that the oven will leave a hole on the bottom of the structure, but I already had planned to create a sliding volume to put the most annoying items of the kitchen : pans and lids.

Nothing too fancy, couple of planks, some L shaped metal joints, lots of screws ( bit less next time, this thing could survive a grenade).

Then a handle and some weels fixed underneath and we are ready to... Well.. Roll ^_^.

There is still a big hole left of theleft side of the oven, but that is a matter that I will clear in winter, after holidays.

Last details

To have a stone counter is a beautiful thing, but if it is always encumbered by objects it is just a lame excuse for disorder.

A couple of hanging structures and the issue is almost solved.

I say "Almost" because the sauce bottles are yet on the counter, but I have a little project in my head that will solve this issue once and for good.

My parents were that kind to bring me back an old friend :)

I know it seems trashy, but that papier machè board has been in my kitchen during all my studies and the space simply did not seem right without it.

What can I do, least you can say about my kitchen is that you become very emotional standing inside it ^_^

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Dearest bloody friends...

My neighbours of the third floor have finished the lease contract and had to leave the Flat on Saturday.

So they packed and made the selection of the wares to be brought in the new home.

Before leaving they trew away all the junk that piles up in a house and, being book lovers, asked us neighbours if we would like to have some old ones for our libraries.

When they asked me I accepted heartily (one or two books are always well accepted) as I found it sweet they thought to ask me.

They left the flat early Saturday morning and I wish them happiness in their new home.

That said...

... What the F#@* am I gonna do with all those books?!?

Monday, 1 June 2009


... It might be that global warming is giving us the first acceptable summer start of those last three years.

Perhaps the fact the the sun light, sliding like a shiny cover over Grand Place, has made me rediscover the golden glaze of its white walls.

Could be that it is warm ( for being Belgium that is) so warm that even the bronze smile of the Mannekenpis, after a long and wet winter, seems brighter as he goes on with his physiological task.

Might be this and much more, but the question stays.

On a scale ranging from 1 to 10, how bloody good can waffels be?