Friday, 21 November 2008

Primary needs

We did not yet speak about some natural primary issues like eating and... okay I think it's clear.
As a matter of fact bathroom and bedroom were the easy part of the works.

The bathroom.

I repainted the room using the same paint of the kitchen thing that gives me quiet the creep when I consider that I clean up myself and eat in the same scenario.

Work was relatively easy considering that I had to play the trained monkey doing acrobatics on a foot over the tub side (because the ladder was to big to enter the small room) and paint over a water resistent BROWN colour ( which required three layers to be covered acceptably)
I did not really put much effort in this room since as soon I have enough money I plan to smash it to pieces and rework it completely.
That just for the pleasure of getting rid of that HIDEOUS bath tub -_-''

The bedroom.

Till now I almost did not touch the bedroom.
We just installed the parquet floor ( Ikea floors I suggest those to everyone)

This is just for the net, I assure you that mom loves it ^_^

The PC desk has ben created using a standard Ikea table, rearranging the feet and cutting it so that it could be shaped in a L.
It will be extensively reworked soon.

The pinnacle of geekiness.

My mother ( God bless her) in spite of her natural hate for sewing did for me the best set of curtains one can hope for.

As I said the bedroom needs more love.
Walls has to be repainted, pictures be put on the walls, I'm thinking about a furniture behind the bed and I'd like to create a frame for the bed as well.
I would love to put shelves and change the door to a sliding model.
When will I do everything?
Come on dear friends, being in love does mean that time is on your side.

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