Monday, 16 February 2009

I love those quiet snack moments before the storm....

Dear friend of mine writes me a mail asking more informations on Hummus and, eventually, the recipe.

For info and story of the dish, Wikipedia is your friend, for complete recipe, just keep reading :)


Ingredients for two:

- A can of chickpeas.
- A spoon of Tahini sesame cream.
- Two tea spoons of lemon juice.
- One or two garlic cloves ( depends if cuddling or a job interview follows)
- Nice pinch of salt.
- Olive oil.

Garlic is not there because it is camera shy ( true story)


- Open the can and drip the liquid in a galss ( you might need it later)

- Mash the chickpeas using a mixer and add ( if needed) the liquid so to have a smooth cream.

- Salt, do not be shy. It has not to be salted, but the peas are sweet enough to require a bit of it.

- Pour a spoon of Tahini cream ( not too full, this stuff has a strong taste).

- Add the two tea spoons of lemon juice.

- Add a little olive oil

- Crush the garlic and add it to the cream.

- Cover the hummus and let it rest in the fridge for at least two hours.

- Drop a bit of olive oil just for the taste and then you can eat it.

You need bread that you simply dip in it, this is libanese bread, but you can use any sort of soft bread ( do not use hard crusted bread, taste not that good ).

A little note, Tahini is not that easy to find unless you live in a town that has an arab quarter.

And now it's me and you Linoleum!!

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