Saturday, 9 May 2009

Friday night...

Right, I know, for a Friday night it does not seem much, but see it from my point of view.

You just finished a week long of IT support done working till midnight.

You just come back home after you missed the last Metro ( so by foot).

It is one in the night and you're starving.

If you are in said situation, beer and sausages are GODSENDS.

That way I could even find the time to test a little present I bought for myself some time ago.

Electronic mud

Being a potter in the 2K years is a blast, you are broke as much as your predecessors (personal experience) but have millions of more geeky way to do it and milliards of customers around the world that could or could not buy your pots.

I do not know if Brandon Phillips at Support your local potter shares my opinion, but seen the talent this artist has he should not be too worried.

The shapes Phillips creates are straightforward, linear, but his capacity of wawing the clay using the imperfections to give a peculiar movement to all of his creations gives to his work its originality.

Were this potter really shines though are glazes.

A consistent palette of yellows, ochras and browns, constant, fluid.

The eye is never bored of gliding over the clay's folds, like as if it looked at an inviting and soft pillow. .

Taking in hand one of his pots is like starting all over again as the skin drinks all of the imprefect perfections while sliding over the textured surface.

It was clear that when the 23rd of May Phillips opened his kiln I could not stop myself from buying this.

Oh come on, what is the point in living in Belgium if you cannot enjoy beer at it's fullest?

Naturally since it was a test I started slowly, no use in wasting a Mac chouffe on a tankard I yet did not know.

Each beer needs a peculiar glass with a particular form and reacts differently to all of them ( don't believe me? Come and see how many different shapes there are) so for a start a Stella Artois was more than enough.

The tankard showed immediately to be perfectly smooth, so even if I dampened it a bit, the foam did rise up angrily ( the narrowing in the middle did probably not help as well) so, my idea is that this will be more useful with Dark and triple malted beers ( not a tragedy, I have another cup for blondes).

At this point, all that remained to do was grossly cut a good smoked Polnish sausage, some cheese and add some strong Cren sauce and suddenly my Friday ended better than how my Monday started.

Good weekeend ;)

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