Sunday, 7 June 2009

Dearest bloody friends...

My neighbours of the third floor have finished the lease contract and had to leave the Flat on Saturday.

So they packed and made the selection of the wares to be brought in the new home.

Before leaving they trew away all the junk that piles up in a house and, being book lovers, asked us neighbours if we would like to have some old ones for our libraries.

When they asked me I accepted heartily (one or two books are always well accepted) as I found it sweet they thought to ask me.

They left the flat early Saturday morning and I wish them happiness in their new home.

That said...

... What the F#@* am I gonna do with all those books?!?

1 comment:

The Bearly Caring Carebear Bearcarer said...

Haha :D

I love the sweat drops you added :p

I know! You can scan them all and upload them into your Geekbook ^^