Sunday, 2 August 2009

Migration season (part two)


What can be more beautiful than coming home after a hard day's work (solving some twit's PC problem) and finding your father that just finished building a concrete slab and awaits you to cover it with tiles?

A million different answers crosses my mind, but none of them happened, thus I went to change and started cutting.

Well, it's not a big deal...

True enough it is a small surface to cover, that said it has a higher ridge and a triangular section that made us sweat a lot ( never something easy in my kitchen, NEVER).

So we had to go around chiseling using some wielders and, finally, the stone grinder.

Height of the platform wasn't naturally standard so we had to dissect a tile in small rectangular sections to cover the raw concrete border.

Whenever (if-ever?) we start mass producing laser blades I have already a possible use for it.

Three hours later here is the result ^_^

Next stop the furniture under the stone counter...

Things are about to turn nasty...

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