Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Starting off the season

Here we go, season has started again.

This year would have been a finition year, no big works, foundation have been made, thus just some fine tuning would have done.

This is what I was thinking until the first days of January, when I noticed some colored points in a corner, top of my bedroom.

Since I did not paint it was pretty clear that it could not be colors and as such...

Return of the memesis

When I used to live in Pisa, as a student, mouldy walls were a recurerent problem , since my flat had three outher walls and Pisa was a pretty moist town.

One thing I suddenly realized is that here in Brussels I pretty much live in the same situation and so when I started to move the furnitures, I found an alien life form that looked at me quiet surprised.

Two days of bleach and curses later the walls were clean again, but the issue remained.

Were is this moisture coming from?

A quick check outside the house answered only partially. It is true that the concrete that holds the red brickworks is ruined, but there were no traces of water to be seen at all.

Should we open a window?

To be true the issue was easier than thought. Living five under a roof for two weeks, heating always on, shower running and nobody that opened the windows ( Yeah right, it was -8 Celsiu funny guy!) did the trick.

Proof be that since I live alone again, no trace od mould appeared again on the walls.

That said I decided that playing safe would have been for once good and after quick consulting with the southern Lord of concrete ( would be my father in case you did not get it) we decided to cover both internal walls.

Isolation will be provided using panels of extruded polystirene or corck ( harder to find, but more natural) covered by a layer of either wood planks or plasterboards.

Woood would have the advantage of being at the same time warm and nice to see ( and chuckable... If you'd be able to chuck wood) but plasterboards would have the huge advantage to be able to be painted whatever color I would choose.

We'll see. Everything will have to wait Juni since we will need complete dried walls to start or it would be all for nothing. It is as well possible that in May we start covering the sides of the external wall with bitumen squares, whish would mean Yet more isolation.

That's it?

No, not really. There is a lot of time till Juni which will allow to finish the living room.

Yep, because I hardly informed you of the arrival of His Majesty.

Thanks to a series of financial helps and after months and months of doubts, the penguin's lair has gone Full HD, which means I have to finish the second wall of the living room and find a solution for the cable junkyard once and for all.

Arrrrrgh! The horror!!

In September it will probably be time to attack the corridor and decide if I want to redo the floors as well.

A couple of minor issues in the kitchen (sigh) and bedroom will fill the remaining time.

As you see it will be a funny year

For you

For me 't will be jes' work ^^"

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