Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Short update

Linux has enormous potential and qualities.

Among those the fact that it is as solid as a rock, bathed in concrete, covered in melted adamantium and parked under a mountain.

That said if you leave it in the unproper hands of unworthy myself. The one with the charming habit of installing whatever I find "cute", situation could go quickly out of hand

I did not reinstall my main OS since two years ago, which, for a private PC is not bad at all.

That said, after two long year of field tests even a patient donkey as such as my PC started to feel a bit tired and each time I started my session looked grimly at me like as if it wanted to tell me "So many deadly incidents in the world and you're still here lad?"

I would have kept going, mind me, but it started to get on my nerves that each time I clicked on a link Konqueror had to start wipping the hamsters on the weel to speed up the process (Hamsters did not appreciate much as well in fact).

So I took a deep breath and Sunday night I installed the new Kubuntu.

Guess what?

The magic is back :)

1 comment:

Constantin said...

nice nice, and how long will you try to keep it up like that this time?
But you have to keep in mind that a hamster not spinning in his wheel, is a hamster that might be chewing your data!