Friday, 11 December 2009

Holy MacGyver

Buying things is easy.

If you have money there is really nothig that is impossible and it is one thing I'm painfully aware each time that I need something for my house and cannot afford it.

Rememebr the chasm that the new windows left in my bank account? aforementioned canyon brought me directly to a a little, nevertheless necessary acrobatic backflip to solve an issue in the kitchen


I know, you're right, you're right, I know you're right.

But that kitchen is unfinishable, there is nothing I can do about it.

It's my nemesis, my arch enemy and, more than all, I REFUSE to give up on it.

Rememeber the hole I left by the oven?

Probably not, so here is a quick recap. Please note the two sliding shelves, they will be needed later.

A quiet annoying fact about my kitchen is that it is the realm of of wall cabinets, but has not a single drawer to put spoon and forks in.

Till now they were all kept outside of this room leading to very funny situations when you sat at the table and suddenly realized you did not have a knife.

That is why I had already planned that that empty space would be used for that purpose.


Sadly not, main issue of that kitchen is that it is custom built and not a single kit furniture of Ikea could fill the space left by the lead builder ( I'm talking of my father in case you were wondering).

That is why I had to design a furniture from scratch.

I was ready to build and, even if quite complex it was a promising structure.

Sadly the windows typhoon arrived and beat to pulp my dreams, leaving me with the problem but without solutions.

Let's give up then.

Yeah, right,

In this home we try new paths, find daring solutions and try to cover ourselves in most utter ridicule.

Money out? Enter improvisation.

Under the guide of St MacGyver I started to ponder and fell on the furniture in the living room.

This furniture was an old bar with a rotating platform that could transform it in a table ( and that was what I was using it in my old home in fact). Structure was almost intact and it was there waiting to be used in some way.

So all that remainde was to collect the Swiss- kni... The tools and get to work.

Let's keep it short

Right, and there goes the sides of the table, shortened to allow the furniture to enter the narrow space.

The final result had to be movable, thus I changed the bottom and set it on wheel.

Weels have inbuilt brakes, so, if I need it, the platform can stop and stand firmly.

That done it only remained to reduce the turninng table to follow the body.

One issue was that said table was sustained by a steel leg that had to go at the beginning. it was substituted by two pivoting steel triangles that allowed minimum used space.

Once all is patched up it looks like that.

It is small, but once opened gives a wide surface to prepare food on it.

Just for the eyecandy a quick color swap took place.

This is the last intervention in the penguin lair for this year, next one will be end January in the living room.

Can barely wait :)

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Tim said...

Macgyver would've fixed this with nothing but a paperclip, a shoebox and a can of whoopass.

You sir, you are Boba Fett the builder :p