Sunday, 10 January 2010

New year's resolutions

It was a wonderful Christmas, like few you will ever have in your life.

I spent it in Brussels with my whole family ( except for sister in law wich stayed, sick, in Italy and was sorely missed :( ) and she whom I do love.

Many things happened, many memories were made and will probably never leave me completely.

The Christmas tree that my lady conceived and sketched ( and was built by unworty myself)

Its trembling candle lights that filled our cold, snow colored nights.

The new ethanol fireplace that took the place of the old furniture and after a couple of minutes of perplexity has quickly become the love affair of both my parents ( which spent every night after the eve looking at me like "Well? What about some fire son?" )

The Christmas market on St Katrien's Square, were I have found my ususal food interest and have found out in the worst possible way that my beloved is freightened by heights ^_^

Guess were I did find out?

The food slaughters at lunches and dinners, with both my parents that reached the conclusion that "too much" was not even "nearly unsufficient" ( which led us to some interesting Python like digesting session punctuated by moans and groans)

Grand Place, that was clad in the most brilliant light vest and whose blue lighted Christmas tree was better seen reflected in my lover's eyes.

Last year's night, spent fighting a polar cold on top of Mont Des Arts while we waited for the most incredible firework show I ever attended to.

Now I'm home alone again, everyone is gone and the silence I hear feels somehow oppressive, while I miss the voices and the noises of my guests.

I look outside the window at the snow that covers the roofs and enjoy the last hours of freedom before monday morning and before going back to work.

The idea is not too frightening and I'm looking for a new year in your company.

My house starts 2010 with a schedule filled of works and renovations, triggered by some curios incidents ( more on that later)

Stay with me.

You will not regret it ^_^

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