Saturday, 5 March 2011

It's been a long time...

Almost one year?

To quote Billy Crystal in "When Harry met Sally" what's the statute of limitations on apologies?

In this last year I did not write a lot for a series of reasons, many of them quite personal and as such, if you excuse me, I will not talk about them here.

I reassure you, I did not work extensively on my house, so you did not miss much.

Going on through my life I think I can now understand when I can push and when I have to sit back and rest.

Last year was a "sit back and rest" year, but now it is over.

House sleeps from too much, I am not what I used to be last year, but she is there. Unaware of it. It has to stop.

This Blog was like my house, fixed in time, running on a routine that does not work anymore with me.

But this blog is the window from which you can see my project evolve and as such. it is time it evolves with it.

Here are the relevant changes to it.

- Graphic theme is lighter. I took off whatever was unnecessary and messy and now it looks more clean and readeable

- I always loved to have some music playing under my posts, but it seems that not everyone agreed whit that choice. So I compromised. Cd of the month is still at its place, but now starts only if you click on the Play button.

-I will not have always new things going on in the house that are worth a full post but I will not leave you without info on this project. Right this page you will find the Twitter and the Tumblr updates of yours truly. Feel free to follow them here or to subscribe to the feeds.

- If you own a smartphone, be aware that the "mobile" version is up and running, as such if you enter the Blog adress you'll be authomatically redirected to it.

Those are the main changes, but more will follow. A new Logo is worked on and I will rearrange the Tag system making it easy to find the post you are looking for

Works start again this Weekend. Stay with me.

I have so much to show you. :)

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