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First time I tried it I did not even like.

I found it bad, an unclear taste, hard to chew and difficult to swallow.

Since then I evolved in a full fledged fanboy of this recipe that mixes perfectly raw and boiled ingredients in tasty morsels.

I always saw Sushi like a special treat, like Pizza. Something you eat on accasions and that becomes quickly a social moment with friends and family.

I suddenly realized that in know how to bake Pizza and I actually do it for friends and family. So, why not Sushi?

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Google is your friend

Few clicks are enough to learn the basics (I suggest you check the how-to videos on Youtube) after that you are ready to start. You will need:

- Rice
- Sushi vinegar
- Nori seaweed
- Toppings


Believe it or not, Japanese rice is actually originary from Italy, so you can use italian rice. choose Arborio or Roma rice ( depends if you like larger or smaller grains).

Rinse the rice in a bowl, throw the water and repeat till the rice becomes translucent.

To cook it follow this simple rule: 1 cup rice+ 1 cup water+ 1/2 cup water. If you use two cups of rice, then two and a half cups of water are needed and so on.

I have a cooker, but if you use a pot, bring it to boil, then lower the fire to minimum and leave it simmer 20 minutes. After that put a lid on it and leave it for 20 minutes more. DO NOT PEEK!

Sushi vinegar

Vinegar has to be sweetened a little; You can find sweetened vinegars, in that case no problem.

In case you could not find it add to one teaspoon of sugar each 4 tablespoons of vinegar and use 4 tablespoons of vinegar each 3 cups of rice ( you do the math).

Pour the vinegar on the rice after its twenty minutes rest , cover the bowl and put it aside to cool off.

Nori seaweed

It is usually sold in ten sheets pack. you use to give a little extra bit of taste. Useful, but not necessary.


Except for meat, everything goes.

I saw vegetarian sushi, some with fruits. Here in Belgium some put some fresh cheese in it to give a creamy note ( before you start screaming, many japanese use mayo that for)

You can start using Salmon ( raw or smoked), shrimps, Surimi, tuna.

Some possibilities:

- Salmon+ cream cheese+ fresh dill
- Shrimps+ cream cheese
- Shrimps+ Surimi
- Salmone+ cucumber
- Tuna+ Cucumber+ cream cheese+ fresh dill

Just be creative and have fun.

Some plain soja sauce will pair nicely, but try put some olive oil in the Soja sauce and you'll have a nice surprise

Enjoy your meal :)

Photo Monsieur tout le monde

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